G Pet Grooming Services (walk-ins welcome)


Our standard service ensures your dog is cleaned of all irritating dirt, grime, and other nasty business they've accumulated with our gentle and refreshing, pet-safe floral shampoo. Immediately followed by a relaxing pet-safe conditioner leaving your pal feeling and looking wonderful from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail.

Sanitary Gland

While most groomers might try to avoid this step, G's Pet Grooming works to ensure your pet is comfortable. Expelling your pet's glands can promote health, prevent clogs, help ensure a happier life.


Regardless of breed or size - our brushing services will make your pet's fur look it's absolute best.

Haircuts & Trims

G's Pet Grooming offers a variety of new and fashionable looks that will leave your pet looking chic.


We offer safe and stress-managed nail trimming and filing for your pet's nails. Properly trimmed and filed nails help promote your pet's overall comfort and general health.


The most dreadful thing that any pet owner can deal with is the invasion of fleas or ticks on your beloved pet's fur. Our dipping service provides a safe, comfortable, and effective solution to quickly address this unfortunate predicament.  Our dip includes a quick spritz during the washing process.

Teeth Brushing

Your pet's teeth are just as valuable and important to them as our teeth are to us. Make sure to care for your furry companion's dental health by having their teeth brushed with our allergen-free, chicken-flavored toothpaste.

Perfume, Bandanas, and Bows

After every visit, your pet will leave G's Pet Grooming adorned with a hand-tied bow or bandana, along with a quick spritz of our floral finishing perfume, free of charge.
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